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In patients with diabetes

Flu Can Have A Devastating Impact1

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Your patients with diabetes are at increased risk of dangerous complications when diagnosed with influenza2-4

Patients living with diabetes are at increased risk for influenza complications2-4

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~3x  (95% CI: 2.04-4.71)

more likely to be hospitalized2

~4x  (95% CI: 1.29-14.3)

more likely to be admitted to the ICU2

Study design2

Subjects: 162 patients aged <1 to 85 years

Study period: May 25–July 1, 2009

Study limitations: This study was limited to those with PCR-confirmed influenza A H1N1. Medical history was obtained solely by patient interview.

~2x  (95% CI: 1.5-3.6)

more likely to die after influenza hospitalization4

Study design4

Subjects: 196 patients aged 18 and older

Study period: April 29, 2009–March 31, 2010

Study limitations: Underreporting and misclassification of outcome or risk factors are possible and might conceal the real disease burden. Study period was during H1N1 pandemic.

74%  (95% CI: 2.15-3.74, p<0.05)

increase in abnormal glycemic events5

Study design: Patient generated health data and medical claims were analyzed for 167,672 patients aged 18 and older

Study Period: 2016–2017 influenza season

Study limitations: The analysis focused on adults with commercial insurance and does not fully represent older people with diabetes within the United States or at-risk underserved populations.

The American Diabetes Association® urges eligible individuals aged 6 months and older to get their annual flu shot6

Protecting against influenza can help your patients with diabetes avoid influenza-related complications, such as hospitalization and death.2-4,7


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