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In patients with
cardiovascular disease

Flu Can Have A Devastating Impact1

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Your older patients with cardiovascular diseases are at increased risk of a first major cardiovascular event when diagnosed with influenza2

In a study of the correlation between influenza and cardiovascular events, within 1 week of influenza infection, adults had2:

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increased risk of a first heart attack

In subjects at least 40 years of age or older2,a


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increased risk of a first stroke

In subjects 40 years of age or older2,b


Study limitations: Individual noninfluenza respiratory virus impact and age impact on vascular events were not investigated. During the study period there were changes in microbiological testing practices (eg, PCR was not widely used in 2004). The day after the date of respiratory sampling was used as the start of the risk period.2

The American Heart Association urges eligible individuals aged 6 months and older to get their annual flu shot3

Protecting against influenza can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and can help keep your patients out of the hospital.4


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